Toronto - Augusta Ave Kensington Market


206 Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON
M5T 2L6


+1 647-350-4769

Shop Hours

  • Monday 10am - 10pm
  • Tuesday 10am - 10pm
  • Wednesday 10am - 10pm
  • Thursday 10am - 10pm
  • Friday 10am - 10pm
  • Saturday 10am - 10pm
  • Sunday 10am - 8pm

Store Details

If you're looking for the lounge, that's our neighbours — we’re the shop. No Kensington Market shopping trip is complete without a stop at the HotBox shop. Our iconic location is known for it’s it’s eye-catching graffiti, wide selection of strains and staff that are passionate about the leaf.

Kensington is all about finding new experiences: grab some vegan pho at Saigon Lotus, some quesadillas at Gus Tacos and plenty of pre-rolls for your picnic at Bellevue Square Park. After visiting our shop and exploring the market, you’ll understand why we love this city.

Serving stoners since… Ah, I forget. HotBox Cannabis Shop has been a Toronto staple in Kensington Market for so long now, even we can’t remember.