The Closet Farmer

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This kit contains everything you need to farm in your closet. This awesome 2X2 foot setup contains: A tent, the light and timer a well as all the hydroponic supplies to do both vegetative and blooming growth.


Mammoth Classic 60 (2' x 2' x 4'6" tent)

4 x Sunblaster 2' T5 Lamps

Sunblaster Led Strip Light

Sunblaster Hang It Adjustable Hangers

Titan Apollo 9 Digital Timer

ExHale 365 Homegrown CO2 Bag

Wind Devil 6" Clip Fan

4 x Root Pouch 3 Gal

Dutch Nutrient A/B Gro 500ml, A/B Bloom 500ml & Ph Down 125ml

Flairform pH Indicator Drops

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