Liapor Heat Expanded Clay Pellets (LECA)

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  • Liapor Heat Expanded Clay Pellets (LECA)
  • Liapor Heat Expanded Clay Pellets (LECA)

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Only natural and especially high-quality clay is suitable for Liapor Products. The up to 180 million year old clay, that came into existence during the Age of Lias, is not only suitable for the fabrication of an excellent product, but furthermore the product was named after it: Liapor.

Liapor offers a ceramic, pure mineral substrate made of expanded clay. It is especially suitable for hydroponics and is applied in the sector of interior design, the planting of pots, for drainage layers, but also in the fields of ornamental plants and plant breeding.

Due to the production process in a rotary kiln at a temperature of about 1,200 °C, Liapor® is germfree as well as chemically and biologically neutral. Both the matched particle shape and the distribution of the pores have a capillary conductive effect. The substrate drains and supports the gas exchange at the roots. Both cubic and round Liapor® are offered in particle size groups of 4/8, 8/16 mm and 10/20 mm. The loose bulk density ranges between 400 ± 50 and 550 ± 50 kg/m3.

All the Liapor expanded clays are produced environmentally sound and reusable and don’t burden the environment when they are cleaned up.

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