Electric Herb Grinder w/Weed Leaf



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Yes, the label says tobacco shredder but the HBI is a not-so-secret dry herb shredding machine as well. It is so good at it that we can’t help but wonder if that is the device’s real function. Theories aside, this shredder rivals the best e-grinders available.

If you find that manual grinders are too messy and battery powered grinders are not strong enough for your liking, then you might want to give the HBI a chance. You can easily choose how finely you want your herb ground by using short bursts of power, more bursts will grind the herb down to an almost powder-like consistency.

The top loading design is easy to clean and it can only be operated when the lid is closed so it’s a pretty safe device. It does not use a battery so there is no need to worry about charging it up, though the lack of portability could make it troublesome for some users.


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