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The G Pen Pro is used for dry herbs only. It offers incredible flavor and hits rather smoothly, but it does take a bit of a draw in order to make that happen. This pen offers a ceramic heating chamber that comes with a ceramic wick and stainless steel to get the job done. These materials combine to bring you a large cloud with every puff as well as a smooth hit each time, making it a satisfying experience with every hit. It comes with a warranty on the electronic parts for one year, which is about average for a vape pen of this caliber. It takes a bit of effort to load due to the deep nature of the chamber, but it only takes five seconds to heat up which can negate the difficulty of loading and still save you time. This pen is portable and private because it is pocket sized. It looks like an electronic cigarette meaning discreet vaping can be yours. There is one heat setting on the G Pen Pro, but it has been optimized for perfect performance. The battery is charged by way of USB, making it simple to take on the go.

G Pen Review

The G Pen, however, is a vaporizer designed for use with dry herbs or wax, depending on the heating chamber. It boasts a swift heat up time of 90 seconds, which is a bit longer than the GPen Pro and longer than other dry herb vaporizers in general. Highly portable, it can fit easily in the pocket and in the hand. Instead of multiple heat settings, it offers one. This vape has a stainless steel heating chamber which delivers average flavor and a decent amount of vapor. Its vapor path is made of plastic and it charges by way of USB.

While each vape serves different needs in terms of material, it is important to consider both of these in terms of benefits when you are ready to choose a vape.

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Grenco Science is famous all over the world for creating vaporizers unlike any others on the market today. Over the years, the G Pen collection has grown to include dry herb vape pens, wax pens, and even an oil vaporizer pen, ensuring that Grenco Science offers the perfect vapor pen to suit every vaper's needs! While each of the models made by Grenco Science has its own unique features, they are all designed with both form and function in mind. The vape pens in the G Pen collection are fashion accessories as much as they are premium vaping devices. You'll look good vaping from a GPen, and because they feature the latest technologies in the world of vape design, you can be sure you'll get the best experience with every draw. Compact and durably crafted out of stainless steel and a unique hardened glass sleeve, G Pens are ready to deliver vaping satisfaction wherever you go. They even heat up quickly and have long battery lives to keep you vaping for longer.

G Pen Pro by Grenco Science - Latest

The G Pen Pro from Grenco has once again raised the bar by creating the next best thing from the line of G Pens. This new pen's biggest upgrade involves improvements to its ceramic oven. The new ceramic oven is massive and heats up instantly. The generous oven won't add any unwanted flavor to your herb of choice, making sure you get only the full range of flavors your herbal blend has to offer. There are three heat settings for the chamber, letting you pick the temperature that best suits each new batch of herbs. As an added bonus, this vaporizer comes with a key chain poker that is always around to stir the material..

The housing has a sleek and ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels in the hand. The button sits in a perfect spot on the vaporizer, making it simple to press without having to hold the vaporizer in a strange and uncomfortable manner. The placement of the hole on the mouthpiece is even ideal for the most comfortable draws possible. Top to bottom, the entire pen has been designed for a comfortable vape by the user. It's even simple to clean!

How to Use the G Pen Pro by Grenco

The first thing you should do as soon as you get your G Pen Pro by Grenco Science is to register it online. You will see the serial number on the underside of the pen's original packaging. Go onto the Grenco site and enter that serial number. This is important if you ever need to take advantage of any warranties.

After you have registered the G Pen Pro by Grenco, it is time for you to charge it before use. For a full charge, it has to be charged for a minimum of two to three hours. To charge it, simply plug it into the USB cord included in the package. The blinking of the LED lights indicate it is charging. When the light is shining solid, the battery has been charged fully. To load, remove the mouthpiece. You can do this by pushing up on the back of the mouthpiece, as this motion will release it from the vaporizer. Grind up your herbs finely. Then, fill the chamber that is exposed after you remove the mouthpiece. Be sure you do not over pack the chamber to optimize the airflow. Then, place the mouthpiece back onto the vape by just pushing it back down over the chamber.

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