Safer’s End-All II Ready-to-use Insecticide Spray 1L



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Very effective ready-to-use spray kills 45 different insect species in any stage of life.  Use on vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and ornamentals.  Can be used up to day of harvest.  Does not contain piperonyl butoxide.

Safer’s End-All II Miticide & Insecticide will control all stages of aphids, spider mites, whitefly, and spittle bugs. It will also kill adult and nymph stages of thrips, flea beetles, caterpillars, mealybugs, scale insects and sugar ants.

Safer’s End-All II is an easy-to-use, concentrated miticidal and insecticidal spray that kills eggs, nymphs and adults of aphids, spider mites and whitefly on contact.

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