Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book

Gem Ginger Enterprises


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Open up "Babes, Buds & Blunts: A Calming Cannabis Coloring Book," to discover 13 Intoxicating images that offer coloring that's both relaxing and sensual. Gem Ginger's original drawings feature a bevy of beauties indulging in the sweet wonder of cannabis, both recreational and medicinal. Plus, there's Bonus Activities! Work your brain with original Cannabis-Centric Word Searches, High-Libs, Logic Games, and Word Scrambles. Let your creativity flow as you bring these sexy stoners to life. Colorists with a taste for the organic will especially appreciate these designs. Measures: 8.5x11 inches. High quality paper suitable for markers, crayons, or pencils. *Coloring supplies are NOT included. Created and printed in Portland, Oregon, USA All rights reserved.

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