Buddies Super Slick Ball


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  • Buddies Super Slick Ball
  • Buddies Super Slick Ball
  • Buddies Super Slick Ball

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Use this Buddies Super Slick Ball to store your herbal extracts. Extracts don’t stick to the silicone, so a quick squeeze of the ball and your extract is free!

For best results put only a small amount in the ball.  We recommend up to 9 grams. Use the silicone band to securely seal the ball. For added strength store the ball in the airtight jar included.


  • Constructed with the highest quality food grade silicone.
  • Dry or stable herbal extracts do not adhere to the ball.
  • Holds up to 15 grams of herbal extract.
  • Also included a medical grade silicone band to keep your ball closed.
  • Waterproof, airtight, shatterproof, acrylic jar also included.  Ensures your ball stays safe when you’re on the go.

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