New! Summer 2018
Weedender Sessions

This summer, you can enjoy the Ganja School classes on the weekends. Perfect for aspiring growers who don't live in the city or simply don't have the time on weeknights!

The Weedender Sessions start on Friday with a Meet & Greet with the teachers, followed by Ashley Athill's class on Saturday and Matt Mernagh's on Sunday. The course calendar for said classes is the same as the regular Ganja School classes which can be found below.

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Cannabis Starter Course

Tuesdays at 6.30pm, 4 classes, $120

Weekly Course Calendar

  • Elements of Growing: General Set Up, Lighting & Electricity, Water, Air, Nutrients
  • Seeds & Clones
  • Pest Management
  • Vegetation
  • Flower & Harvest
  • Dry & Cure

Ashley Athill

Sensii Cannabis

Canadians are awakening to cannabis consciousness and are searching for answers to stabilize and provide homeostasis to their endocannabinoid system. My great passion is to provide holistic health and cultivation education to people who are curious of the cannabis plant and its benefits. I help my clients, who include the elderly, disabled, adults and families, understand how cannabis can assist in positive lifestyle changes and in some cases improve their quality of life.

I know that no single cultivation approach is the right one for each individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities including organic grow techniques and a variety of hydroponic grow systems.

My professional background includes a combination of 15 years as an Agriculture Specialist in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and in Humboldt County, California USA. A professional pivot allowed me to spend 4 years in finance and over 6 years in corporate mental health. My educational background includes a BBA from York University, Horticulture Certification from Oaksterdam University and a certified member of National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA).

Gardening Your Medicine

Thursdays at 6.30pm, 4 classes, $120

Weekly Course Calendar

  • Getting Started: Medical Cannabis Grow Equipment Explained
  • What’s in your soil? Introduction to Nutrients
  • Techniques for Vegetative Phase
  • Flowering and Harvesting
    Medical Cannabis

Matt Mernagh

Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook

Matt Mernagh is the author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook from Green Candy Press. He was co-host of Hotbox Jamaica grow school, co-founder of 420 Toronto and Hash Mob and executive producer of weekly live weed webcast The Mernahuana Zone.

Mernagh is the only Canadian ever to be granted a court exemption to grow his own Cannabis.