Every Wednesday at 7pm

Wednesdays: Movie and a Doobie

Movie night at the Hotbox Cafe!

Come by the lounge between 6 and 7pm and vote for the movie you wanna watch.

Every Thursday at 7pm

Thursdays: Stoned-up Comedy

Hosted by Amanda Day, headlined by Will Noye.

For over 10 years and running, Stoned-Up Comedy is the most highlarious comedy show in town. Featuring an excellent lineup of local and travelling comedians.

Outside on the potio on sunny summer days.

Every Friday at 7pm

Fridays: Big Spliff / Dubs & Dabs

Join our weekly selectors as they bring you the best of reggae & rocksteady!

On Fridays, Hotbox drops heavy reggae vibes alternating between Big Spliff one week and Dubs & Dabs with DJ G-Spot the other week.

Every Saturday at 6pm

Saturdays: Super Smash

Our weekly stoner videogame tournament hosted by Will Noye!

Every last Saturday of the month there is a doubles tournament with 2-on-2 games and awesome prizes to be won.

Freeplay starts at 6pm, tourney at 8pm!

Every Sunday at 6pm

Sundays: Bring Your Own Vinyl

Bring your own pot AND your own vinyl!!

The last Sunday of every month will be hosted by DJ Gocho and featured guests.