SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits



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SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits
SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits
SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits

What are the benefits of using SunBlaster T5 High Output (HO) fluorescent lighting for plant growth?

SunBlaster T5HO lamps provide the ideal spectrum for seed, cuttings and plant growth. Photosynthesis outputs peak at 435 nm and 680 nm. Our 6400K T5HO lamps have a spectral distribution with relative intensity peaks at 435 nm and 615 nm. These are ideal for both propagation and longer term growth.

This equates to very little wasted light energy in terms of plant growth and production.

SunBlaster T5HO lamps are not off the shelf, our  Full Spectrum light recipe was designed to provide the highest quality grow lighting available for a wide variety of indoor or CEA growing applications.

Ideal for both Commercial and Residential applications. 

We also provide 2700K replacement lamps for growers who wish to bloom and flower.

SunBlaster T5HO lamps promote incredible health and vigor of seedlings and cuttings. Root development is superior relative to other lighting sources. While our T5HO lighting is excellent for starting seeds and cuttings, it’s also able to produce enough light for full term growth.

Due to the  minimal heat output  of our SunBlaster T5HO lighting, fixtures can be  be placed 6” - 8” above the plant canopy maximizing photosynthetic response and growth.

You will grow better plants!

Unlike conventional fluorescent's, plants grown under SunBlaster T5HO Combo's  do not have to be rotated to the center of the lamp, as the NanoTech T5 reflector insures optimum light spread across your growing area.

All SunBlaster T5HO Combos include our T5HO Electronic ballast,  6400K lamp, power cord with on /off switch, and jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips. The NanoTech T5 Reflector spreads light wider across the plant canopy, penetrating deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power.  

 And increases the light output as much as 48% without consuming any additional power.

The NanoTech T5 Reflector that is included in your Combo also provides superior heat reduction by reflecting heat the was previously absorbed by the lamp and ballast into the growing area. This can extend both lamp and ballast life.

All T5 lighting fixtures were similar in design; a percentage of light is inactive or lost because of it. Much of the available light was lost because it was absorbed by ballast, as the light traveled upward away from the target area. Recovering this lost light was our primary objective, and once achieved we knew we would maximize the performance of this already outstanding grow lamp. 

The NanoTech T5 Reflector consists of two parts:

The Base Mount

Highly engineered it easily snaps on to our new T5HO. The base mount is super lightweight, made of high grade heat proof PVC. The reflector is installs between the lamp and the base, maximizing performance.

The Reflective Surface

Science and technology met here. 

  • The reflective surface simply slides into the base housing 
  • Superior Nanotechnology Reflection Surface
  • Diffused reflection for deep canopy penetration

The NanoTech T5 Reflectors placement captures 100% of previously wasted light, reflecting no less than 99% of it back into the target area as high quality diffused light.


This diffused light  provides deeper canopy penetration  for better starts and accelerated growth cycles.


The NanoTech’s superior crystal reflective layer surface boosts the overall performance with some outstanding additional benefits:

  • Improved light quality and brightness
  • Increased lighting effectiveness 
  • Increased lumen availability 
  • Better coverage and penetration of the  canopy

Provides more light, with no additional energy consumption

This is no ordinary reflector … far from it, real far.

SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits
SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits
SunBlaster T5 Combo Kits

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