Dab Art Wax Molds


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  • Dab Art Wax Molds
  • Dab Art Wax Molds
  • Dab Art Wax Molds
  • Dab Art Wax Molds
  • Dab Art Wax Molds

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Introducing the awesome new way to add some artwork to your dabs! The Dab Art Silicone Wax Molds are made by Moose Labs and are a collaboration with Skilletools. Each silicone dab art mold pad comes inside of a honeycomb pattern metal tin, and contains a flat head dabber/scooper tool from Skilletools. To use the dab art pad, simply place your wax or shatter concentrates onto the desired mold shape, press down on concentrate with top silicone slab, and you are ready to dab your smokable art design! Each mold comes with 14 fun shapes and designs to choose from, and the sides of the mat also contain numbers and letters to further personalize your wax art masterpiece. The Dab Art Wax Molds are available in a variety of colors at Aqua Lab Technologies today.

Wax Mold Features:

  • Silicone dab art pad
  • Original concept & design
  • Collaboration from Moose Labs and Skilletools
  • Includes dabber/scooper tool
  • Mold comes inside a honeycomb pattern metal tin
  • Fun and easy to use
  • 14 shapes and designs to choose from
  • Includes alphabet and numbers on side of pad
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with one (1) Dab Art sticker Made in California

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