Benefits Brand & Corporate Announcements

Day 6: All 28g for $99 or LESS

Go big with their gift without them knowing you went big with their gift! For $99 or less, why not grab 28 grams for them and you 😎

December 17, 2021


Day 5: Save 20% on Broken Coast, Qwest, Highland Grow, The Wild Florist and Simply Bare flower

Deck the halls with premium flower… falalalala 🎶 Okay, maybe you won’t be decking your halls with premium flower like ours, but while you are decking your halls out, why not grab 20% off this premi ...

December 16, 2021


Day 4: 25% off Qwest, Qwest Reserve and Blendcraft concentrates

For an experience that tastes like no other, check out Qwest, Qwest Reserve, and Blendcraft concentrates. You can get 25% off when you shop today; we also love the taste of a great deal.

December 15, 2021


Day 3: Save 20% on all Twd.

Get into the holiday spirit with 20% off all Twd. products! You can also gift this to family and friends… or just send them this link. We know the holidays can be tough sometimes.

December 14, 2021


Day 2: Save 25% on all CBD and Topicals

Chill out this holiday and get (or give) some serious TLC with 25% off all CBD and Topicals. Whatever you and your closest ones are in need of to zen the f out.

December 13, 2021

Benefits Cannabis Lifestyle

Day 1: 20% off all Pure SunFarms

On the first day of the holidays, your true love gives to you… 20% off all Pure SunFarms products! We got you covered, from Blue Dream dried flower to Peach Nectar CBD gummies, just in time for the ...

December 12, 2021